We enable bitcoin developers, merchants & service providers to speed up their checkout or deposit process by accepting zero confirmation bitcoin transactions.

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Our service provides financial guarantee for transactions with no need to be concerned about block inclusion time and potential double spend. GAP600 enables bitcoin users to experience bitcoin like they experience all other digital services – without delay. We analyze and score every single bitcoin transaction on the network and we guarantee the value of that transaction regardless of whether it’s included in a block.


  • We are insured - GAP600 Ltd technology is insured by USA based underwriter
  • Proprietary real-time risk engine analyzing and confirming bitcoin transactions
  • Robust Infrastructure in a secure environment
  • Pay as you go & discounted Enterprise packages
  • API-based connection
  • Flexible risk management subscriptions


  • No need to wait for block inclusion - transactions confirmed within seconds
  • Transactions guaranteed against double-spend or fraud
  • Improve user experience and boost activity - resulting in increased revenue
  • Mitigation of transaction and treasury risk for unconfirmed transactions
  • Real-time clarity for blockchain applications


GAP600 bridges the gap from the time the transaction is published on the bitcoin network until it joins the block chain.

Bitcoin payment processors, ATMs, exchanges, APIs and applications are now able to accept zero confirmed transactions. Via a straightforward API GAP600 bridges the gap from the time the transaction is published on the bitcoin network until it joins the block chain, by immediately confirming transactions before they even reach the block chain. 

“The partnership between Cubits, a leading European bitcoin platform, and GAP600 has allowed our merchants to accept instant deposits, while eliminating risk both for us and our clients.”
Max Krupyshev, COO

“ShapeShift is about speed and convenience, and accepting Bitcoin with zero-confirms is immensely helpful. GAP has done the best job we’ve found in enabling that and removing the risk.”
Erik Voorhees, CEO

“Coinify has experienced great value from GAP600 by enabling us to enhance the user experience of payments with bitcoin – zero confirmation transaction acceptance is a necessity and GAP600 provides a quality solution.”
Lasse Birk Olesen, CPO

Founded in 2015, our vision is to guarantee zero confirmed bitcoin transactions enabling service providers to accept bitcoin transactions instantly and offer this added value to their customers. GAP600 has been in production since August 2016 processing in excess of 1M transactions – in the hundreds of millions USD transaction value. GAP600 Ltd technology is insured by an  A+ superior rated U.S Underwriting & Insurance Company. Our team has experience in the field of online financial infrastructure development, payment fraud detection, sales and marketing. The team includes professional data scientists and statisticians skilled in building real-time risk engines that model transactional fraud, as well as network, software and bitcoin engineers.  We are here to focus on real time bitcoin transactions so that our clients can focus on their core business bitcoin services.


Daniel Lipshitz
Founder & CEO

Yoni Schamroth
Data Scientist

Armen Chakhalyan
Lead Bitcoin & NodeJS Developer

Susanna Hayrapetyan
Javascript Developer

Elichai T.
Bitcoin Researcher

Eitan Shamir
Head of Business Development

Jenny Abrahams
Marcom & Admin




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