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April 04, 2017 - by Gap600 - in Use cases

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While all bitcoin-accepting businesses can benefit by offering the ability to pay customers instant BTC payments via accepting zero confirmed transactions from Gap600’s platform, via our API or web dashboard, bitcoin and fintech developers trying to make applications and services on the blockchain can improve one of their customer’s biggest bottlenecks to using their platforms – deposit times. Our Guaranteed Zero Confirmation Bitcoin Transactions service enables you to reduce or eliminate the risk of double spend as well as block inclusion delays, but also offer your customers a way to quickly engage with your platform and generate turnover.

If you’re developing a commercial bitcoin based application or in the financial services space, your can rapidly integrate our well documented API into your payment process, enabling allowing you to verify transactions, and credit funds to customer’s accounts quicker. Save your customers minutes or hours of hanging around when there are backlogs of unconfirmed transactions on the blockchain.

GAP600’s G6 Risk Management Engine allows you to save an average of 17 minutes in confirmation times, allowing you to near-instantly accept and credit bitcoin funds onto customer accounts, and improve your depositing process. 

Get in touch to find out how easy it is to integrate with our G6 Real-time Risk Engine, and get a free trial of our service.

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