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March 28, 2017 - by Gap600 - in Articles

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If your business accepts bitcoin payments, chances are that you’ve been confronted with some or all of the following issues at one point in the past:

  • Payment confirmation delays cause inconvenience to the customer
  • Expiration of transactions leading to repeat customer attempts to pay
  • Double-spend
  • Block inclusion delays
  • Other types of bitcoin payment fraud

The impact of these kinds of issues is particularly strong for companies that would like or require the customer to make payments ideally instantly and Gap600 can assist in overcoming all of the issues outlined above. Gap600 not only facilitates zero confirmation transactions and thereby facilitating payments almost immediately, it also guarantees to reimburse any bitoin loss that was caused by double-spend, expiration or similar types of fraud.

Gap600’s risk mitigation services is the most attractive for companies offering products or services worth 9 dollars or more, where fraud related to bitcoin payments can have a considerable impact. Our proprietary G6 Real-time Engine processes tens of millions in USD valued transactions per month, with block confirmation times are a concern of the past for Gap600’s customers.

As Gap600’s service is purely based on the analysis of each transaction, no AML or KYC checks are required either. “At no time do we control or hold the bitcoins,” company Founder Daniel Lipshitz states. “It is pure analysis on whether the transaction is good or will be a failed or double spend.”

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